Admission Form

Admission Form

Has anyone in the household experienced symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
Is your pet current on vaccines (vaccines administered within the past 1-3 years as recommended)?
Is your pet experiencing any of the following symptoms (check all that apply):*

I authorize licensed veterinarians of Animal Emergency Care (and their designated assistants) to administer such treatment as is needed, surgical procedures as deemed necessary, and such additional procedures as are considered therapeutically and/or diagnostically indicated, on the basis of findings during the course of evaluation. I consent to the administration of necessary anesthetics.

I understand that animals must be picked up between 7:00am and 7:45am if transferring to my home or family veterinarian. I understand that if I fail to pick up my animal by 8:00am, my pet will remain hospitalized. I agree to pay the specified fees for this daytime hospitalization through Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

I understand and agree that any animal remaining in the hospital without return communication from the listed owner or agent within 12-hours of attempted contact will be considered abandoned and transferred into the care of animal control. It is agreed that such transfer does not relieve me of my responsibility for all costs incurred. I acknowledge that I will be required to contact the animal control office to arrange to be reunited with my pet once this step has been initiated.

I certify that I have read and fully understand the above Authorization of Medical and/or Surgical Treatment. I also certify that no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the outcome of care and treatment. Further, I assume financial responsibility for all charges incurred to the patient, consent to release of medical information, and authorize direct payment to Animal Emergency Care.

Affirm Below(Required)

Authorization for Transfer of Care between Animal Emergency Care (AEC) and Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital USA (BBVSH)

In the event that my pet requires continued hospitalization, I understand that ongoing uninterrupted care will be provided by BBVSH from the hours of 9:00am-05:00pm, and conversely by AEC from the hours of 05:00pm-09:00am until which time the patient is discharged or transferred to my family veterinarian.

Should I choose to have my pet transferred to my family veterinarian, I must do so before closing of the aforementioned companies. I understand that the above mentioned companies are housed in the same facility, but that the relationship between these two businesses is not a partnership and that neither company is liable for the actions of the other company.

I acknowledge that my pet will remain in the same facility and will receive ongoing uninterrupted care by both AEC and Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital unless I request the transfer of care to my family veterinarian. Care provided by each company will be performed by the employees of the respective companies and will be invoiced separately and I am obligated to pay the fees invoiced by each AEC and Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

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Acknowledgement of Communication

I understand that I must remain on the premises until my pet has been triaged and a deposit has been collected. I agree to be immediately available by phone and will contact the hospital within 15 minutes of a missed call to prevent delays in treatment to my pet.

I understand that emergency veterinary hospitals are generally operating at capacity and understand that my pet will be triaged and treated primarily based on the critical nature of the condition (stable patients are treated after critical patients) and secondly based on arrival time. I acknowledge that any wait time given by a member of the Animal Emergency Care team cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of cases treated at an emergency veterinary hospital.

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Authorization of Initial Stabilization Period

I understand that I have the right to accept or deny treatment of my pet in critical condition. These situations do not always allow time for a veterinarian to speak with me prior to intervention. The initial stabilization period if your pet requires immediate treatment can cost $400-600. This may include IV catheters, fluids, medications, x-rays or other tests needed to assess your pet’s condition. The veterinarian will talk to you about further treatment once your pet is more stable if this option is elected. The veterinarian will talk to you about treatment before your pet is stable if this option is declined.

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Authorization for Resuscitative Measures (DNR/CPR)

CPR means “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” is the resuscitation of an animal that has stopped breathing or has stopped breathing and whose heart is not beating. This condition is called cardio-pulmonary arrest. Resuscitation of an animal that has stopped breathing but still has a heartbeat is more likely to succeed than resuscitation of an animal with no breathing and no heartbeat.

DNR means “Do Not Resuscitate”. This is a decision that states that CPR is not to be performed in the event that your pet stops breathing or has no heartbeat. If you choose DNR and your pet stops breathing or his/her heart stops beating, we will not attempt to revive your pet which will result in the death of your pet.

I the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the owner (or duly authorized agent for the owner) of the animal described above and that I do hereby give the doctors of Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital USA and Animal Emergency Care, their agents, servants and representatives full and complete authority shall the aforementioned animal go into cardiopulmonary arrest (animal stops breathing and/or heartstops beating) to follow the below requests.


I DO NOT want cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) performed on my pet (i.e., NO resuscitative efforts be initiated) in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest. I understand that my pet will die unless CPR is performed, and that death may occur before I am able to see/say goodbye to my pet. I elect to have DNR orders placed in my pet’s record OR I elect that the veterinary staff stop the initial attempts at CPR that may have been started while I was being informed of the condition of my pet and my options.


I DO wish the staff to perform Standard CPR on my pet (up to but NOT including open chest procedures) if my pet suffers from cardiopulmonary arrest. Please stop CPR if my pet does not respond to initial attempts or responds initially and then suffers another arrest later. I understand that my pet may die despite CPR or that even the most successful CPR may restore my pet’s life but may not allow my pet to regain his/her normal mental and physical health.

I understand the initial estimate for CPR is $400-800, and the first 24-48 hours of veterinary care after CPR may range from $1500-$3500+ depending partially on the pre-existing injury or illness. I agree to pay all costs incurred in the resuscitative efforts, whether or not the efforts are successful, and I understand that the cost of resuscitative efforts is not included in the initial estimate (treatment plan).

Please select one of the (DNR/CPR) options indicated below. A selection must be made and initialed to ensure the appropriate resuscitation measures are administered.

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Client Code Of Conduct

AEC is honored that you have entrusted our team with your pet’s care, and we value your business. Our primary focus is to provide a safe, welcoming, and professional environment where all people and animals that walk through our doors are shown respect. Wait times for emergency service may be long, and AEC operates the emergency service on a triage basis. Your pet will be triaged to assess if they are critically ill; the most critically ill patients are treated first.

AEC does not accept abusive behaviors toward animals or people, including our team. AEC reserves the right to discontinue services immediately if the following problematic behaviors occur: (1) verbal abuse, malicious or harmful statements about others, profanity or disrespect, (2) threats or intimidating tactics, (3) discriminatory comments or actions, (4) public disclosure of another’s private information, (5) failure to abide by policies or procedures due to the influence of alcohol or behavioral inducing drugs, (6) failure to comply with requests or instructions from our team including leashing/restraining your pet, and (7) intentionally authorizing care without the ability to pay at the time of service.

This policy is strictly enforced, and our entire team holds the right to enforce this policy. Non-compliance may result in corrective actions which may include being asked to leave the property, discontinuation of service, the involvement of law-enforcement, and/or trespassing.

As a client, you have the RIGHT to: (1) expect and receive appropriate treatment for your animal(s) as determined by our capabilities and our mission statement, (2) be treated with consideration, respect and compassion by all members of our team, (3) be informed of any illness your animal(s) may have, as well as treatment options available at our facility, (4) be informed of the costs of evaluation and treatment and financial policies, (5) accept or reject treatments or diagnostics test for your animal(s) based on informed consent, including the consequences of refusal of treatment or testing, (6) receive prompt and courteous replies to any concerns you raise regarding the quality of care or service you and your pet(s) receive in our facility, and (7) be assured that medical and personal information is handled in a confidential manner, including the request of copies of your pet(s)’ medical record information.

As a client, you are RESPONSIBLE for: (1) providing all requested health information about your animal(s), (2) treating every person, including our team and other clients, and animal with consideration, respect, and compassion (3) reading and understanding any consent forms, estimates, and policies that you sign including consequences for misconduct, (4) accepting the financial obligations associated with your pet(s)’ care, (5) asking our team questions if you do not understand provided instructions or information, (6) understanding you will be held accountable for all policies and procedures even if you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and (7) informing our team immediately if you change your mind about any tests to which you previously consented approval.

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Acknowledgement of Financial Policy

Animal Emergency Care requires payment at time of service and accepts cash, all major credit cards, Care Credit, Scratch Pay, and electronic checks. Electronic checks are authorized by a third-party institution and will require the name, address, phone number, and state identification card information to authorize payment. Electronic checks which are returned for insufficient funds will accrue a $30.00 fee.

Links to the applications for Care Credit and Scratch Pay are provided at:

I understand a deposit will be required in the amount of the lowest quote provided on my treatment plan in the event of hospitalization is required including all surgical procedures. I understand Animal Emergency Care and its affiliates will make every attempt to outline the cost of care for my pet. I acknowledge that I have the right to see the treatment plan, with outlined costs, prior to the start of treatment.

I understand I may authorize treatment including verbal authorization in an emergency situation without full knowledge of the respective cost and that anticipated costs are estimates and the care of my animal may be more or less than the anticipated costs. I agree to all fees associated with my pet’s care at the conclusion of treatment.

Animal Emergency Care does not have the ability to offer in-house financing and does not extend credit directly. I agree to neither misrepresent my financial situation nor authorize treatment for my pet which I know I cannot pay at the time of service. I understand financing is available through third party financial institutions and agree to inquire about these financing plans before authorizing treatment which I cannot afford.

I acknowledge my account will accrue financing charges if I do not pay my balance at time of service. I understand my account will accrue five percent (5%) interest, with a minimum fee of $25.00, every thirty (30) days for a sixty (60) day period at which time my account will be placed in collections and pursued to the fullest extent of the law. I agree to be responsible for all costs and attorney’s fees incurred by Animal Emergency Care and/or Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital USA to collect amounts owed hereunder.


I will pay by:(Required)